Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy High Herbs

Happy High Herbs Fremantle. I thank you Shi for the recommendation. I am truly infatuated by even the scent of that place. I purchased a herbal Stimulant to rejuvenate my body with energy as well as some relaxation herbs for when I need a bit of escape.  While I was so tempted to purchase some Throb Chocolate, I feel I shall go back in two weeks as a reward for university being complete for the year :-) Have you ever tried products from Happy High Herbs?  

Oh Olive

Olive, an abandoned kitten that has struck heavy beats in my heart. I have never felt drawn to animals in the past, but in times so recent I can’t bare the thought of going a few days without playing with one.  If you have been in my presence in the past, you would understand that I have never paid attention to these types of creatures. It is almost as if Olive was sent to Clarise and I, to open our heart up to these innocent, gorgeous animals.  It’s unusual though, the other day I found myself subconsciously stroking a plant in a pot for several minutes before mother snapped me out of it. I was in heavy thought about Olive passing away, and how much it would kill me even though I had only known him for a few days. I believe the universe is calling me…

Eating: Fava beans cooked in spice.
Emotion: Ambitious

taken by the wind

My wonderful creation: Broccolli, Cauliflower, tempura, easy mac pasta, tikka yoghurt and cucumber.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

the Garden

On the roof drinking apple cider. 

Saturday evening, watching the sun go down while listening to Xavier Rudd left me in a placid, romantic mood.  I couldn’t bare the thought of study at that moment. In exchange I ended up at a park that overlooked the ocean. Watching the ocean ripples, while drinking champs and listening to lovely reggae and soul tracks. Beautiful night. A taste of what’s to come. 

the Creatives

Tommy & Jade a little soaked from the rain 

Beautiful Shi ( 

Jess and her stunning red shoes. 

Dusty & Jess whippin down some ad ideas. 

Andy sippin on franklin.

Alex chilling 

Current sounds: Andy's music playing from the photo labs. 
Surrounding me: Caitlyn & Chris on Facebook/ Andy lying on the carpet.  

Saturday, October 23, 2010

young and free

After university is complete, I shall conquer every element on this list.

Eating: Biscuits dipped in Soy Chai Tea
Current sound: Whirlpool- Xavier Rudd

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chilling with the pack.

falafel kebab with 3 arabic dips, chilli, vegetables and tahini.

my beautiful sister Nancy enjoying her salad.

The Jordanian pack.

My 3 favourite Arabic dips, hummus, baba ganoush & foul.

The falafel being cooked.

My lovely aunty making tea, mother being cute in the background.

A Saturday night spent at home with the family. It has been far too long. Mother prepared a wonderful vegetarian feast. It’s heart warming to know they finally accept that their own daughter will not eat meat.  Coming from an Arabic heritage, apparently it's a 'crime' haha. My Father keeps teasing me and calling me a Buddhist. Fluffy old man. I am being called to help clear the table. Enjoy the photos!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

They will hardly find a problem with each other.

Tonight I discovered something wonderful! I am at such a relaxed place in my life. Sitting under the warm tungsten lights, captivated by my intellectual surroundings- I felt so liberated. I am now left to ponder these three thoughts;  
1.       I would like to burn my bra’s sometime soon.
2.       I absolutely adore artichoke, eggplant, capsicum and goat cheese pizza.
3.       I have faith in the stars of the night sky.
Listening to: my thoughts, which tell me I should put Angus and Julia Stone on and go to bed.
Below are photographs I have taken at Little Creatures in the past that reminded me of tonight.   

Monday, October 11, 2010

Organic corn chips

Shi's beautiful artwork from

Tonight the fresh air tingled my soul; I looked at Clarise as we frolicked playfully through the cold and suddenly said in a hesitant, apprehensive tone, "Clarise I am changing". While at first there was uncertainty in her response, she then reassured me of her unconditional love, and I felt as content as someone who just ate a freshly baked cinnamon & apple pie :-).
 I read recently, “Nothing is certain but change” and at this moment I have never felt so assured in this change within myself. You know it’s happening when your connections with certain people suddenly feel uncomfortable, like a line has been disconnected. I feel I am surrounded by people with narrow minds, people who don’t accept or desire to understand, but I have found my escape, creatures who I feel I can trust with my words. Very few, but that is all I need right now.

I found myself watching the Jane Austen Book Club film tonight. Lying there so still on the lounge and yet I felt so moved, taken away. I felt a relation with character Prudie, played by Emily Blunt.  Her ultimate desire, so carefully tested throughout the story- beautiful is all.  
I currently crave to paint a self portrait in my forest of a backyard, while being nurtured by sunlight and music.  A few weeks till freedom & Melbourne. I can't wait.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

bits and pieces

Currently listening to: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosours- Garden
Eating: Roasted Eggplant, tomato & rice

Photographed by Sarah Bahbah

Remember: Credit me & my blog if you use my photos