Sunday, August 29, 2010

She took my boots.

Yes, another vintage sale! I wish I wasn't saving up for Melbourne right now, otherwise I would have purchased the whole store! There is something special about buying clothing with history. I love how one-off items opens the oppurtunity to embrace a unique sense of style. I found the cutest, perfect pair of brown leather brogue ankle boots, perfect fit, perfect price, perfect size. I put them down for a moment right next to my gear, turned around to help Luisa and then to my horror, they had been kidnapped! It was quiet funny how sad I became, almost instantly tears built up in my eyes as i was in total shock. After waiting by the till for almost an hour, I decided to wonder around the store again, and found them with a lady who thought my little pile of items was for sale. So yes, I did get them back and now I have some new shoes to wear casually- yes hehe!  

Listening to: Razorblade/Last Night- The Strokes

Photographs taken with Pentax MZ-50

Oh San Churro!

Chocolate has never tasted so alluring. San Churro's brings a beautiful cultural element to Perth. A serene evening out with Neveen and Angela suddenly interrupted by a young man fainting just moments after consuming a spanish donut. I would like to think the Churro was that good that he fainted, but unfortunetely it was a bit more then that. While being forced to wait for the ambulance, he fled, ran off and hid. This lead me to three possible conclusions to why it may have happened.

1. He appeared Middle Eastern, so we could assume that he may a be Muslim who is undertaking the ritual of Ramadan, which means to fast all day and only eat in the evening. The suger rush from the beautiful, crispy Churro may have been just too much for his poor little body that he fainted or he could be diabetic. And to justify him fleeing- he did appear foreign which means he may not have been able to afford the ambulance service.
2. He was on some hardcore drugs and didn't want to get caught.
3. One of the staff members at San Churro's was seeking revenge on the young man- and poisoned his food. In shock of her efforts, he ran off. Hmm.

Either way, it made my night that tad bit more interesting. It made me appreciate my body's health and in a small way inspired me to be thankful for the life I live. 
It would be delightful to work at San Churro's but I don't think I could resist the chocolate. It would be like throwing myself in a lake of fire/or should I say kilos.

Photographs taken by Sarah Bahbah.
Camera: Pentax MZ-50

Blitz the Night

Blitz the Night- a fashion show run by Colosoul- a magazine I do occasional photographic work for. The second photograph down shows me interviewing some designers and sponsors from Perth that contributed to the show. I had never broadcasted before and was given under 5 minutes notice- yikes! Champaign was definetely a good call. Beautiful show at Chris Huzzards Studio- props to Tricia Ray for her high efforts. Check out the Colosoul website if you haven't already, xx  

Credit: Nancy Bahbah for photographs

Raised by the Wolves.

(1) woman/ (2) wolf by Sarah Bahbah 

Wolves very much resemble humanity as they journey through life in packs- amongst family members. They protect their pups with their heart and raise them to endure a life of satisfaction, hardship and practice. It is with time that the spirit of growth rises amongst the pups, and the evolving from a pup to a wolf meets their claws. While they stay in their pack, the pups are now allowed to journey through the wild forest hunting for food with absolute confidence in their strengths and what they have been taught. It is within seconds that all that was taught is challenged by a fierce battle of prey. Everything they had ever believed in, so quickly questioned and confronted. Not long after the pack of wolves strike in help to defeat the prey. While family is valuable, independence could never be gained if one is directly guided and rescued most of their lives. True soul searching is derived from experiences that are faced alone, where one can find his real strengths and learn for himself how to defeat his prey. While my whole life has been guided by wolves, the desire for independence is persuading my soul to reach for freedom. It is with the traits of a wolf in me that leads me to sacrifice freedom for love.

I ask for your patience as I evolve through my world of unpredictability and change. Already I have chosen to not hunt prey but to be one with nature. I have chosen to appreciate the ageing of my surroundings appearance. I have chosen to capture the fulfilling subtleties of life, to explore the wild in my kind, to persuade others to join my pack and to preciously lead my own way. I raise caution to you as I tame, the impulsiveness may lead me to fiercely howl voice of opinion, reasoning and questioning.

the Organic Orgasm.

As mentioned in one of my previous blogs, I have made the most unpredictable commitment you could ever imagine me doing- I am officially a confirmed vegetarian, I am still happy to eat seafood though as I have a dying love for Smoked Salmon, Tuna and my Uncles Chili muscles. As for red meat, pig and chicken- something inside of me has given up on them, my appetite has changed. While everyone hopes this is a phase, I feel this could be permanent as I am feeling great, healthy and happy. The images I have above are just some of the organic, vegetarian meals I have fallen in love with. (Top) is a Rooted, roasted vegetable salad with labne- from Green House on St Georges Terrace- if you have not been there, you must go the salad is quiet possibly one of the best salads I have ever tried, and it is filling. (Below) Vegetarian Lasagna made from freshly organic, home-grown ingredients at a place down south in Dunsborough- unbelievable flavour.   

My Intention:

The title, ‘Raised by the Wolves’ is derived from the notion of my family orientated lifestyle and how it affects my ability to feel completely independent. The ultimate purpose of this blog is to not whine about my family- their not the issue, I love them to bits, it is purely to publicly document my discovery of who I am, away from them. It's about the inspirations, interest and motivations that lead me deeper into my soul search of finding myself.

While I have you here though, just a little bit about me:

I make a living from: Promotional work around Perth & Photography
I study: Creative Advertising at Curtin University
I listen to: Very much alternative, indie, rock n roll, folk, mellow beats.
But I have no limitations with music. I appreciate any musical talent & live and breathe live music and festivals.
I play: Guitar (just recently self-taught), Piano & Indoor beach Volleyball.
I wish to: Live in a vintage style cottage by the beach.
I eat: Recently vegetarian and loving it. I am still comfortable with eating seafood.
I drink: New lover of spicy soy chai latte- thankyou Luisa! Definitely a social drinker.    
I own: 6 cameras and adore film.
I believe: Christian background. At the moment my heart doesn't beat the way it use too though.
I would like to: Bodyboard more often with Viv, it's been a while and the water is calling.

By the way feel free to comment and ask questions at anytime about anything I post.