Sunday, April 3, 2011

high on life

Angus and Julia Stone @ Red Hill Auditorium.

An adventure to the hills.
An eclectic energy travelled through the bus while observing foreign grounds.
The darkness contrasted with street lights that filled the night sky.  
The hills could be seen in silhouette from a far distance.
The voices of strangers echoed in enthusiasm, love and laughter.
Resting on each other while drinking wine through a plastic cup.
I felt inspiration within this comfortable unfamiliarity.

The siblings altered the rhythm of my heart beat once again.
Julia so confident and quirky with her vocals,
Angus so soft and serene,
It was almost like the Auditorium was built just for that moment.
I sat with you and listened,
We were high on life and other things.
A night so rare.
I hope these photographs take you there.

All photographs taken by Sarah Bahbah for Red Hill Auditorium.
(Please credit Sarah Bahbah @ if using my photographs)