Sunday, August 29, 2010

Raised by the Wolves.

(1) woman/ (2) wolf by Sarah Bahbah 

Wolves very much resemble humanity as they journey through life in packs- amongst family members. They protect their pups with their heart and raise them to endure a life of satisfaction, hardship and practice. It is with time that the spirit of growth rises amongst the pups, and the evolving from a pup to a wolf meets their claws. While they stay in their pack, the pups are now allowed to journey through the wild forest hunting for food with absolute confidence in their strengths and what they have been taught. It is within seconds that all that was taught is challenged by a fierce battle of prey. Everything they had ever believed in, so quickly questioned and confronted. Not long after the pack of wolves strike in help to defeat the prey. While family is valuable, independence could never be gained if one is directly guided and rescued most of their lives. True soul searching is derived from experiences that are faced alone, where one can find his real strengths and learn for himself how to defeat his prey. While my whole life has been guided by wolves, the desire for independence is persuading my soul to reach for freedom. It is with the traits of a wolf in me that leads me to sacrifice freedom for love.

I ask for your patience as I evolve through my world of unpredictability and change. Already I have chosen to not hunt prey but to be one with nature. I have chosen to appreciate the ageing of my surroundings appearance. I have chosen to capture the fulfilling subtleties of life, to explore the wild in my kind, to persuade others to join my pack and to preciously lead my own way. I raise caution to you as I tame, the impulsiveness may lead me to fiercely howl voice of opinion, reasoning and questioning.

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  1. Oh, I didn't know all this things about wolves. I like your philosophy, I think that is a good point of view, and way to lead your life. The one who is too dependent and doesn't experiment have big chance to be lost... I'm often worried by the fact I'm not independant enough, so maybe I should do like you and take exemple on this captivating animals!


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