Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chilling with the pack.

falafel kebab with 3 arabic dips, chilli, vegetables and tahini.

my beautiful sister Nancy enjoying her salad.

The Jordanian pack.

My 3 favourite Arabic dips, hummus, baba ganoush & foul.

The falafel being cooked.

My lovely aunty making tea, mother being cute in the background.

A Saturday night spent at home with the family. It has been far too long. Mother prepared a wonderful vegetarian feast. It’s heart warming to know they finally accept that their own daughter will not eat meat.  Coming from an Arabic heritage, apparently it's a 'crime' haha. My Father keeps teasing me and calling me a Buddhist. Fluffy old man. I am being called to help clear the table. Enjoy the photos!


  1. Beautiful, everything looks scrumptious. You are blessed to have such a close knitted family.

  2. you really know how to capture moments. you photos really bring out the authenticity of our wonderful arabic culture and passionate family

    From Mindy

  3. This makes me miss you all, you have to come here the falafel is awesome. how cute are my parents btw? xxx


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