Sunday, May 29, 2011

theory of the night

It’s always when you least expect it the night takes you on an impulsive adventure.  We crossed grounds I never thought I’d freely embrace. Challenged affections within human existence. Danced liberally with gifted buskers in the late hours of the night. My mind, hour-by-hour, day-by-day, becoming more and more in love with unique, independent creatures. I continue to say, enter every moment with an open mind.  Never make unexplained, unjustifiable judgments. Never try and understand what you will never know. Your surroundings will be seen with a far more impressionable eye that way.  Hope you are all well x     

P.S if you love these photos captured from video footage, you will love Lachlan Macfarlane's work even more. Take a peek HERE x


  1. Love this. Live life, have fun, be freeee :)

  2. party with me please?

  3. i'm finding it so hard to communicate with people with closed minds. they don't understand me, nor want too. :(
    couldn't agree more with your 'theory'- although it's fact in my eyes.

  4. we don't sleep when the sun goes down.

  5. where the night takes you. layered in divine, only sitting still for a moment.

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