Monday, January 17, 2011

no action

What I thought you wanted, what you said you wanted, wasn’t really what you wanted. Fuck! An opportunity slipped through our fingers like dry sand! I was in a magical state of mind and I said silly things. But what I said wasn’t silly the way I said it hmm. Maybe I do think too much...   

Eating: Sliced Orange
Current sound: Party Talk- Craft Spells


  1. are you love sick?

  2. i wish i was. but it's a lot less then that.

  3. oh how I love your writing. I tend to devour it like a scrumptious cake.

    Keep up the amazing pics and equally astounding writing. loves it.

    it is the curse of the girl to over think things... and sometimes it is a blessing. although it may not seem like one now

  4. Maebe Isadora:
    You are to sweet. I am glad I draw you in!
    Overthinking, I just wish most men did it too! haha.

    Thank you! :-)

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