Saturday, October 23, 2010

young and free

After university is complete, I shall conquer every element on this list.

Eating: Biscuits dipped in Soy Chai Tea
Current sound: Whirlpool- Xavier Rudd


  1. randomly stumbled on your blog. Nice :) you must be from Aus too?

  2. Oh why thankyou. We are at the opposites sides of the country :) im from South East Queensland. (Gold Coast/Brisbane) You should have a party in the forrest hehe! Mine was at my house, it turned out amazing. I had a wedding marquee draped with fairy lights and tibetan prayer flags hanging everywhere and more lights/lanterns draped outside. I wanted to do something I wouldn't normally do for my birthday so I decided just to do it at my house.. we have so much land so why not! x

  3. i look forward to number 11. on the list!

  4. ...'throb' cake

  5. I would also like an explanation of Throb cake.

    my mind... it wonders aha

  6. haha you guys are funny.
    we shall all eat throb cake (chocolate) together- it can be dessert at my dinner :-P

    Anonymous- 9............i may be referring to someone...


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